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Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo 2023 (Ho Chi Minh)


Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo 2023 (Ho Chi Minh)


The Medi Pharm Expo VIETNAM SECC serves as an excellent platform for professionals in the medical industry to connect, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities. We firmly believe that your presence at this exhibition will greatly contribute to the success of the event. 

Our booth, D143, show our latest innovations and solutions, which have been developed with utmost precision and adherence to international standards. We aim to create a lasting impact by demonstrating the efficacy and reliability of our products.

About 90% of medical equipment available in local hospitals came from foreign countries such as Japan, European Countries, America, China, and Singapore, accounting for more than 50% of total import values. The Vietnam MediPharm Expo is a typical and comprehensive event in the health sector held annually under the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam


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