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Endescopy Antimicrobial OPA 1L Ortho-phthalaldehyde Solution


The ortho phthalaldehyde disinfectant (OPA) is an aromatic dialdehyde, used as a high-level antimicrobial disinfectant for medical equipment which is sensitive to normal heat or steam sterilization processes, including endoscope, cystoscopes, and certain dental instruments.

SNOW-branded OPA based disinfectant is a high level disinfectant for reprocessing thermostable and thermolabile devices. Please use it after reading the Directions for Use. Medical devices must be thoroughly cleaned before reprocessing in the disinfectant,thoroughly rinse and rough dry all surface and lumens of cleaned devices before immersing in OPA solution.

opa 1L solution






Boiling   point




Specific   Gravity(25℃ [77℉])   g/ml.

1.0 typical

pH   value

8.0 typical



Ortho   Pthalaldehyde %

0.5-0.6% w/w

OPA solution 1L

1> SNOW-brand 0.55% OPA solution  is a wide range of endoscopes and other heat-sensitive semi-critical medical devices Ideal for both automated and manual instrument reprocessing.
2> Faster turnaround time disinfectant with 5 minute contact time.
3> Long shelf-life up to 24 month
4> Test strip is escorted, easy to monitor the concentration.

OPA has several potential advantages compared with glutaraldehyde. It requires no activation, is not a known irritant to the eyes and nasal passages, has excellent stability over a wide range of pH (pH 3-9), does not require exposure monitoring, and has a barely perceptible odor.

Endoscope and Hospital device repressing.

How to Use ortho phthalaldehyde disinfectant OPA to Disinfect Medical Equipment

The steps to use activated dialdehyde disinfectant solution as a high-level disinfectant in a medical setting are:

· Wear Your Personal Protective Equipment

· Clean the medical instruments prior to OPA

· Testing the OPA Solution

· Disinfection Procedure

· Rinsing the Instruments

· Drying the Instruments

Disinfection Procedure

· The clean, mostly dry devices can now be immersed completely in the sterilization disinfecting solution.

· Fill any lumens.

· Fit the tray cover onto the tray.

· Soak for 15 minutes at room temperature (20º C) to achieve the high-level disinfectant standard.

Rinsing the Instruments

Following the disinfection, the instruments must be rinsed thoroughly.

· Flush any channels with a sterile water source.

· Rinse each medical device three times.

· Rinse for a minimum of one minute, using at least two gallons of clean water each time.

Drying the Instruments

Each medical device and instrument must now be thoroughly dried. The disinfected medical equipment is now ready for use. If it is to be stored, be careful to store it while considering the risk of recontamination.

Always read the directions on the package insert and the label before each use.

OPA Solution does not require activation or mixing. Simply open the bottle and pour the solution directly into a tray or another suitable container.

· An unopened bottle has a long shelf life, allowing it to be stored in appropriate conditions for two years. An opened bottle must be used within 18 days.

· Only use OPA Solution in a validated reprocessing procedure in an automatic flexible endoscope reprocessor. Keep records of the dates your solutions are poured from the containers and calculate when the date the reuse life will end, which must be not more than 14 days. We recommend using a OPA log sheet to keep track of this.

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