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China made organic ethanol rubbing alcohol sanitizer


The organic ethanol rubbing alcohol sanitizer is made from harmless material, natural alcohol and the active ingredient alcohol is extracted from cassava, corn, or sorghum, 100% reliable and safe. It's born-to  formulated to kill 99.99% bacteria, such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, pathogenic yeast, enterococous hirae and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  • CONTAINS  ALCOHOL -Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel.

  • KILLS GERMS -Food grade alcohol based disinfectant sanitiser gel kills 99.99% of bacteria & germs

  • NO WATER NEEDED - Quick drying formula that moisturises your hands.

  • BS EN1276 and EN ISO9001 &13485 CERTIFIED - This product is certified to the highest European Standards - Made in China



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We are a leader and professional hospital disinfectant manufacturer in China with over 22 years history.

1. FDA cert(Duns no:547743562, FDA Establishment identifier: 3017299940, NDC label code: 80334)
2. ISO9001 & 13485 certified
3. REACH SVCH & SoC cert
4. ITS & SGS test passed
5. OEM/stock are both ok

FDA 2023



Wuhan Snow Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd is a leading disinfectant factory since 1999.

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