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Bleach Tablets for Water Purification

The bleach tablets for water purification is a solid-form, safer alternative to traditional bleach. When mixed in water, the effervescent tablet activates and develops into a solution of hypochlorous acid (HClO), a chlorine disinfectant much more potent than traditional liquid bleach. The tablet form and its unique chemical composition, made up of NaDCC ensure a shelf-stability of two years.

Snow Disinfection Chlorine Tablets is a effervescent disinfection tablet with sodium dichloroisocyanurate as the main active ingredient with chlorine content is 45% - 55%, which can kill 99.9% escherichia coli, enterococous hirae, and cell spore.

Disinfection Chlorine Tablets is intended for a)fruits and vegetables disinfection, b) general object surface disinfection, c) pollutant from patients with infectious diseases, d) hospital environmental disinfection .

Product Name

Bleach Tablets For Water Purification


Kills 99.99% Germs, Antibacterial,


1g tablet or OEM

Supply type

Stock or OEM


5000 bottle

Active ingredient

40.5%-49.5% Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate


100 pcs/bottle


Hubei, China

Transportation packaging

Carton customized

Sample Time

7 days

Lead Time

Stock order time: 10 days

OEM/ODM order time: 30~40 days

Payment Terms

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

1. Convenient Tablet Form

Easily activated by completely dissolving into water.

2. Safe for Surface and Users

Less damage to surfaces,no harsh ordour.

3. Storage and Packaging

Stable formulation that is easy to store and safer to handle

Disinfection Chlorine Tablets is intended for:

a)fruits and vegetables disinfection, 

b) general object surface disinfection, 

c) pollutant from patients with infectious diseases, 

d) hospital environmental disinfection .

1. General environmental disinfection: dissolve each tablet into 2 litres of water to make into solution with effective chlorine 200mg/L, then soak or spray for 10-30 minutes.

2. Fruits and vegetables disinfection: dissolve each tablet in 2 litres of water,then soak for 10-30 minutes.Thereafter rinse it in drinking water.

3. Patient infectant and general antiepidemic disinfection: dissolve 10 tablets in 1 litre of water,then soak or spray for 10-30 minutes.

1. For external use only and should not be taken orally.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Corrosive for metal.

4. Bleaching effect on the clothing.

5. Don’t contact skin directly.If any,please rinse immediately.

6. Sealed,and protect from moisture.

7. Keep in dry, cool,vantilated place.

Expiry date: 24 months.

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