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Bio Enzyme Based Concentration Cleaner

bio enzyme based concentration cleaner is a full effect medical multiple-enzyme cleaning agent.

The product is used for thoroughly cleaning of soft endoscope, hard endoscope, scalpel, surgical scissors, vascular forceps, tissue forceps, intestinal forceps, probes, curettes, aspirator heads and other surgical instruments.

1. Eco-friendly (safe and don't contain aldehyde, chlorine,phenol)
2. Bio-enzyme based fomular,100% biodegradable.
3. Unique compound biological enzyme formula to enhance the decomposition effect of protein.
4. Wide application range and can effectively decompose all kinds of dirt such as blood, tissue, mucus and secretion on the instrument
5. Cost-effective with high concentrate of dilution ratio up to 1: 500 (please refer to dilution ratio for certain purpose)
6. No foamability
7. Mild odour, no irritation and no residue

"bio-enzyme based concentration cleaner solution is designed to be used on:

a) manual cleaning,

b) ultrasonic cleaning and,

c) disinfection machine cleaning.

1. Dilution ratio:

Hand washing and ultrasonic cleaning: slight pollution 1:200 ;

                                                              heavily pollution 1:100 ;

Machine washing: 1:500.

2. Water temperature requirements:

manual cleaning 15 ℃ - 30 ℃ ,

machine and ultrasonic cleaning 15 ℃ - 55 ℃ .

3. Disassemble the machine, and suck, flush the lumen before soaking the lumen instruments such as soft endoscope and hard endoscope.

4. Completely immerse the contaminated instrument in the enzyme washing solution for 2-5 minutes. In case of heavily pollution, the immersion time can be appropriately extended, and then wash it by hand or washing machine.


Flush with plenty of water to a sanitary sewer. Dispose of empty containers and packaging in accordance with local state and federal regulations.

Information concerning human and environmental exposure may be reviewed on the Safety Data Sheet(SDS) for the product. For additional information regarding incidents involving human and convironmental exposure, call +86 157 2700 5795

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