Benzalkonium Bromide Solution

The benzalkonium bromide solution is made of 4.5~5.5% benzalkonium bromide, which is widely used in the formulation of disinfectants and cleaner-sanitisers for the hospital, livestock, food & dairy and personal hygiene sectors. and is a highly effective hand and skin sanitizer with professional disinfection function. It is unscented and formulated to kill 99.99% bacteria, such as, staphylococcus aureus, and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

As well, the properties of benzalkonium bromide is a kind of cationic surfactant, belonging to non oxidizing boicide. It can efficiently withhold algae propagation and sludge reproduction. Benzalkonium bromide also has dispersing and penetrating properties, can penetrate and remove sludge and algae, has advantages of low toxicity, no toxicity accumulation, soluble in water, convenient in use, unaffected by water hardness. This product can be also used as anti-mildew agent, antistatic agent, emulsifying agent and amendment agent in woven and dyeing fields.

CAS No : 7281-04-1

Product Name

Benzalkonium Bromide Solution




Kills bacteria, Antibacterial

Supply type

Stock or OEM

Active ingredient

4.5~5.5% benzalkonium bromide




500ml, or customized


500ml, or customized


5000 bottle


Hubei, China

Hs code


Transportation packaging

Carton or customized

Lead Time

Stock order time: 10 days

OEM/ODM order time: 30~40 days

Payment Way

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

1. Strong and rapid bactericidal power

2. Low toxicity

3. Little irritation to skin and mucous membrane

4. Factory price

1. Hand hygiene

2. Skin disinfection

3. Hospital disinfection

4. Livestock disinfection

1. For external use only and should not be taken orally.

2. Don’t mix with organic and antagonistic drugs.

3. Don’t use it together with soap, other anionic detergent, iodine and peroxide.

4. Corrosive for metals.

5. Don’t contact skin directly.If any,please rinse immediately.

Expiry date: 24 months.

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