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Aldehydes Dsinfectant

Aldehydes, are highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectants, which typically achieve sterilization in soaking applications by denaturing proteins and disrupting nucleic acids. Amongst the aldehydes, glutaraldehyde and OPA are the most commonly used disinfectants and sterilants. Glutaraldehyde is an important dialdehyde used as antimicrobial and disinfectant, in particular for low-temperature disinfection of endoscopes and various surgical instruments. Ortho-phthalaldehyde is Reliable sterilization effect, low corrosiveness to metals, little damage to other items, suitable for a variety of materials and It has a fast killing speed and good effect on killing microorganisms, and has a good killing effect on mycobacteria resistant to glutaraldehyde and peracetic acid. Stock and OEM order are both okay.

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